About Us

ENSEN is a concept – implementation of sustainable principals through the delivery of Energy and Environmental products and services in a principled and client centric manner.

The services and products are developed and refined to ensure that they are of consistently high quality and a good and proper fit for each application.

The company was formed in 1995 as Nutrisolv Ireland Ltd – and now trades as ENSEN ® A registered business name and trademark.

Who are we? – We are a group of technically minded graduates with environmental science or engineering backgrounds and a wealth of experience in the environmental services and energy efficiency sector.

What can we do for you? – We offer a scientific approach to understanding your problems and requirements and ensuring that the solutions, products and services we deliver are correct, cost effective and economically and environmentally sustainable.

Why should you seek our assistance? – We can demonstrate from the first contact that our approach is logical, economical and client centered.  We can also demonstrate that our methods of evaluation, testing, design and delivery are deigned to meet your requirements.

When should you contact us? – The simplest definition of a client we can come up with is an individual or organisation who requires our services in relation to 2 specific areas

1. Environmental compliance

2. Energy efficiency

If you or your organisation would like to evaluate our product or service offer then contact us by email info@ensen.ie or phone 086 2561743.