Associate companies

Treatchem Ltd – where chemical technology knows no limits and polymaths roam.

KWI – UK– where 9 of the most advanced ranges of water and wastewater treatment equipment can be procured.  The cutting edge but nothing sharp about it.

INVENT – It seems someone had forgotten to invent mixers until quite recently when the boffins in Invent went ahead and did so.  Nothing comes close for agitating liquids – and some remarkably energy efficient associated equipment – Mixing and aeration – the underwater pinnacle of same, if you will.

Water Technology – – The best of water treatment and water treatment chemicals from the home of Irelands chemical industry.  Tremendous experience and capability delivered in a relaxed efficient manner.  Ensen has a long history of working closely with this excellent company.

Ecoscan – – If your building had a soul then Ecoscan could probably image it – this company is the only one we trust to generate data about heat loss and quite a lot more.