If you are reading this you have made it to the year 2011 and may be wondering what the future holds?

At Ensen we are realistically optimistic about the future and the disasterous state of the nation notwithstanding we are focussed on our three core activities.

Energy efficiency – our expertise is available to help you to reduce your energy use, to source your energy economically and to plan for a future of increasing energy costs, climate related regulation of specific energy sources and incentives for changes in individual and corporate energy utilisation strategies.

Environmental compliance – again our experience is confirming for us that compliance is a cost saving, stress reducing business necessity.  This year we are formalising an additional component which is the examination for clients of the underlying reasons why environmental compliance is not being achieved and putting in place programs to address these.

Sustainability – lest anyone be in any doubt about the fact that there is a train hurtling down a track towards them we have moved from a discussion about the existence of the train to a discussion about the size and speed and options for avoidance.  This year we sit down with our clients and start the process of planning for the fifth imperative.

We propose to put downward pressure on our prices and upward pressure on our quality of service for 2011, which we hope will meet with your approval.