Water Pollution License

Under the Water pollution Act, 1977 the local authority are the governing bodies in relation to waste discharge licenses and implementation of conditions and limits held in these licenses.

A licence under section 4 or 16 of the act may be granted—

  • in the case of a discharge to waters or sewers in the functional area of a local authority, by that local authority, and
  • in any other case, by a local authority in whose functional area any premises, works, apparatus, plant or drainage pipe from which the effluent is discharged is situated.

It does not apply to discharges—

  • to tidal waters from vessels or marine structures,
  • from a sewer, or
  • the subject of regulations under subsection (10).

If your facility is not outlined in activities required to have an IPPC licence but is discharging effluent to either waters or sewers, then you are required to apply and maintain a waste discharge licence.  Ensen offers clients a full compliance service from application through monitoring.