Pharmaceutical Industry

Ensen have considerable experience in providing services to the Pharmaceutical industry in Ireland.

We can conduct routine monitoring, organise compliance monitoring (set out under discharge licenses and IPC licenses). Help reduce waste, output and where required increase wastewater treatment plant productivity.

Our Laboratory can troubleshoot effluent problems and other emission problems, using cost effective procedures.

The Laboratory provides a wide range of chemical, physical and microbiological sampling, analysing and reporting. Flow and Load surveying can also be carried out by Nutrisolv

Under IPC licences and Discharge licences, compliance is vital. Failure to comply can lead to fines, and prosecutions and an erosion of the working relationship with the licensing authority. It is vitally important is that all staff understand what is required for this industry to achieve  compliance under the relevant legislation.

Ensen have the range of products and the expertise to develop the most appropriate control programme for our clients.

Ensen aids in the organisation and implementation of sampling routines, frequencies and analysis, reporting and if required advice to improve the situation.