Energy efficiency in WWT

The bulk of energy usage in municipal wastewater treatment is aeration and mixing – apx 70%.

The bulk of the equipment is selected for cost rather than energy efficiency.

In addition to being inefficient many of the systems neither mix nor aerate well. (which can ironically lead to a condition known as bulking)

Have a look at our Invent range of mixers and aerators – here.

Inadequate mixing – a common complaint in WWT is responsible for a myriad number of recalcitrant process problems in wastewater treatment, and that is why there are in excess of 25,000 INVENT installations worldwide in plants ranging from 50 to 4,000,000 P.E.

In our view the smart and sustainable purchasing decision makers will consider our approach when looking at repair, replacement and upgrades.  In addition those with inadequate mixing and the resultant problems of system process stability and odour production will be very interested not just in the fact that such an effective and efficient technology exists, but also in the fact that it has the potential to resolve long standing problems in their wastewater treatment facility.  We have always been motivated by optimising process efficiency, and now we are adding optimum energy efficiency to our service offering