Bench Scale and Pilot Scale Treatment Plant Evaluation

Ensen have extensive experience in testing treatment technologies on a bench scale or laboratory scale basis (jar testing).  Through over 40 years combined experience in the water and wastewater treatment industries, we have developed jar testing techniques to suit many different environments, applications and practices.

Bench Scale and Pilot Scale Treatment Plant Evaluation can be designed to accomodate a variety of treatment techniques and programmes:

  • Physical: Settlement, mixing , aeration.
  • Chemical: Coagulation, flocculation, phosphrous removal, sludge dewatering
  • Biological: BOD, nutrient (Nitrogen & Phosphorous) removal, micronutrient.

Jar testing can be conducted to suit the clients requirements:

  • On site
  • In the laboratory
  • On a Pilot scale

Ensen use information gained from jar tests to both troubleshoot existing treatment programmes (optimize performance and/or reduce costs) and evaluate full scale applications on a cost benefit basis, prior to the client’s commitment to the cost of a pilot or full scale treatment programme.