Treatment chemicals: Coagulation Flocculation Settlement Dewatering

Ensen have extensive experience developed over the past 15 years in the supply of wastewater and water treatment chemicals, custom design of treatment programmes and providing technical support and assistance for customers in a range of applications for both municipal and industrial activities.

Ensen can supply a wide range of treatment chemicals for all wastewater, water treatment and sludge dewatering applications. Our laboratory can conduct Jar testing and select the most suitable coagulant based on efficiency, suitability and price.

Chemicals are used in wastewater treatment for a vast range of applications. Examples of application s and the range of products which Ensen are in a position to supply are presented below.

  • Sludge Dewatering:  Flocculant-Polyelectrolyte
  • Phosphate Removal:  Coagulant Metal based salts
  • pH adjustment: acid, alkali (custic), pH buffers
  • Sludge conditioning, settlement, dewatering: polyelectrolytes
  • Difficult waste-streams: Custom blended products
  • Odour control: Odour masking agents and counteractants
  • Foam control: anti-foams
  • Cooling water:  biocides, scale inhibitors
  • Boiler water: Oxygen scavenger, scale inhibitor
  • Process water/recovered water: Flocculant-Polyelectrolytescale inhibitors

Wastewater and water treatment demands much attention and has the requirement for integrated solutions. Ensen offers comprehensive and extensive in-house skill base to analyze, evaluate, design and implement a cost effective treament programme for a wide variety of processes and applications.

Ensen treatment programmes focus on improving overall plant performance and cost-effectiveness.

Ensen provide:

  • On-site troubleshooting and full assessment of treatment systems before recommending a chemical solution
  • Product selection
  • Follow up test-work for performance monitoring
  • Regular site service visits for optimisation of chemical application
  • Staff training in the use of chemical products
  • Full technical back-up service

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