Invent Mixers and Aerators

INVENT® are the market leaders in hyrperboloid mixer aeration systems, a technological innovation which dates from the early 90’s and which arose from pioneering development work on the hyperboloid mixer.

The hyperboloid design is a uniquely efficient device for a range of applications in process waterwater treatment and is finding increasing applications both for it wide range of applications, process design advantages and energy efficiency.  In a straight shootout on efficiency there is no alternative technology option for a client looking for the most energy efficient system within its design optima.  In fact the mixer wins on energy efficiency, MTF, maintenance access and mixing efficiency – and as a result is always the preferred option where the purchasing decision is based on lifecycle cost.

EFlex HyperCage HyperDrive EFloat hyperClassic

Ensen are sole agents for the distribution of Invent equipment in Ireland, and are available to make presentations regarding the unique advantages of the equipment, both in terms of process and efficiency.  Ensen are a Sustainable Energy efficiency and Environmental services company dedicated to client compliance and efficiency requirements.